NICHEM won DEI Award for Gender Diversity

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NICHEM Solutions won the prestigious DEI award for ‘Gender Diversity (MSME Category)’ at the Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industries!

On behalf of NICHEM Team, Head of the Department of Human Resources Ms Gauri Manerikar, the Head of the Department of Regulatory Affairs Ms Rupali Hande, the Factory Manager Ms Vaishali Hatkar, and the Manager of sales of the HPC Division Mr Vilas Raje accepted the award.

Management of NICHEM believed while hiring, gender was never a criterion. We hired the best candidate for the job and supported them during their journey to be successful. It’s not only for mutual benefit but also because we are genuinely interested in upskilling our employees and enriching their personal as well as professional lives.

Thus, gender equality has come to us organically rather than as a strategy!

More than 40% of our workforce is made by women. Women continue to hold key positions in our organisation. 4 out of 8 HODs are women. The Management also has strong women representation. This only means that we have got very good women to do the job and they were selected because they were good at it and deserve to be where they are!

In addition to the upskilling of employees, we also have a WOMEN DEVELOPMENT CELL formed for the empowerment of our women employees. Different programs are organized on various aspects of the life of women like seminars on health and nutrition, financial independence etc.  

The organization is very thoughtful in providing flexibility in working hours, and working from home in order to handle difficult times. At times when due to family responsibilities women employees feel that quitting the job is the only option, we have been able to work out some feasible arrangements that enabled them to continue working and grow as well.

Being Passionate, collaborative and proactive are attributes that define NICHEM’s culture. However, Empathy is the most valued attribute we want our people to nurture! NICHEM hope to create belongingness and mutual respect for one another that will give NICHEM a cohesive environment and become the best place to work!

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