Water Purification Chemicals

The most vital resource on the planet, water, is experiencing levels of pollution that were unheard of before. Access to clean water after all, is a birth right that belongs to everyone. At NICHEM, we create solutions to enhance the safety and reliability of water helping remove organic and inorganic contaminants.

Water Treatment Chemicals

Water is one of the most important resources on earth. It is essential for all life, yet it is also one of the most polluted substances on our planet. Access to clean water, after all, is a birthright that belongs to everyone.

With this vision, Nichem offers a wide range of water treatment chemicals to remove the contaminations from the water and make it drinkable for everybody.

Water Pollution Highlights

  • It’s estimated that around 70% of surface water in India is unfit for consumption.
  • The cost of environmental degradation in India is estimated to be INR 3.75 trillion ($80 billion) a year.
  • The health costs relating to water pollution are alone estimated at about INR 470-610 billion ($6.7-8.7 billion per year)
  • Apart from the economic cost, lack of water, sanitation, and hygiene results in the loss of 400,000 lives per year in India.
Water Contamination in India: A Challenge to Overcome, here you get detailed information about water contamination.

What are Water Treatment Chemicals and Their Importance

Water treatment chemicals are substances that are used to remove contaminants from water in order to make it safe for human consumption. Chemicals used in the purification of water can be found in a variety of products, including water filters, purification tablets, and home treatment systems. There are many different types of water contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.


Some of these contaminants can cause serious illnesses, such as cholera, dysentery, and hepatitis. Others may not be harmful to humans but can still make water unpalatable or cause aesthetic problems, such as bad taste or odor.


Chemical treatment for water purification is important because they help to ensure that people have access to clean, safe water. This is especially important in areas where the water supply is contaminated or where there is a risk of flooding. Flood waters can often contain sewage and other contaminants that can make people sick.


Water treatment chemicals can also be used to treat water for specific purposes, such as making it safe for swimming or aquariums.


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Benefits of Chemical Treatment for Water Purification

  • One of the benefits of chemical treatment for water purification is that it is effective in killing a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and protozoans.
  • Chemical disinfectants are also able to inactivate a variety of other potential contaminants, such as algal spores, fungi, and helminths eggs. When used properly, chemical disinfection can be an important part of ensuring a safe and clean water supply.
  • Another benefit of chemical treatment for water purification is that it is relatively inexpensive. When compared to other methods of water purification, such as reverse osmosis or distillation, chemical treatment is usually much less expensive. This makes it an attractive option for many people and businesses who are looking for a way to purify their water without breaking the bank.
  • Chemical treatment for water purification can also be used on a wide range of water sources, including both surface water and groundwater. This means that it can be used to purify water from lakes, rivers, streams, and wells.
  • Additionally, chemical treatment can be used to purify water that has been contaminated by industrial or agricultural runoff.
  • Finally, chemical treatment for water purification is relatively easy to use and does not require a lot of specialized equipment or training. This makes it an ideal option for those who are looking for a simple and effective way to purify their water.

Types of Water Purification Chemicals

Here are the common types of water purification chemicals that Nichem provides to fulfill the vision of easy access to clean water.

  • Iodinated Resin
  • Silver Based Active Carbon
  • Silverized Ceramic Candle
  • Iron Adsorber
  • Arsenic Adsorber
  • pH Correction
  • Iron Remover Catalyst

NICHEM: Best Water Purification Chemicals Manufacturer in Mumbai

Nichem is proud to offer a wide range of the cheap and best chemical disinfectants used in water purification. We believe that everyone should have access to clean water, and our goal is to make water purification as affordable and easy as possible.

Because our business has a motive of providing solutions to the growing problem of polluted environment. And Chemical used in the purification of water is one of the ways to do it. We made it as accessible as possible while making sure these disinfectants don’t induce any side effects.

So, join hands with us and fight water pollution together with our water purification chemicals.

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