Tailored Solutions for your Products

Driven by endless curiosity, and the passion for creating a meaningful difference in the lives of end customers, we seek to create products that add real value. We work towards creating specialty chemical solutions that have far-reaching applications from packaging, wires, appliances, FMCG, and more. Extending the life of your products is now easy with top-notch plastic additives, water purification chemicals, and agrochemical products.

Plastics Additives

Plastic is projected to become one of the most popular specialty chemicals in the near future. We are prepared to assist you in finding the appropriate plastic additives to help enhance the shelf life of your product and grow your business as long as the Plastics market continues its usual growth pattern while also introducing new innovations and technologies.

Benefits of Plastic Additives

The objective of NICHEM Solutions is to continue to provide tailor-made solutions and technically sophisticated masterbatches for the polymer sector, as well as to live up to our motto of “NICHEM giving solutions that add value.”

Benefits that our additives add to your plastics:

  • Makes your Plastics easier to process
  • Gives better look to Plastics
  • Additives Save Money
  • Makes Plastics safe & sound
  • Makes Plastics clean & healthy
  • Makes Plastics work longer
  • Environment Friendly

Water Treatment Chemicals

At NICHEM Solutions, we take pride in developing and manufacturing the water treatment chemicals. We create solutions to enhance the safety and reliability of water helping remove organic and inorganic contaminants in a cost-effective manner.

Why choose our Water Treatment Chemical Services

  • We are a major manufacturer of water treatment chemicals, offering a wide selection of products and proactive customer service.
  • We deliver the finest possible product through constant R&D, which we hope to achieve in close collaboration with our customers and suppliers.
  • We have high-quality products to deliver the best in the business to its partners.
  • We are obsessed with our innovative solutions. We’ve established ourselves as the preferred partner in speciality distribution around the world.

With in-depth expertise and a wide range of quality products, we are here to serve.

Benefits of Water Purification Chemicals

  • Give clean and potable safe drinking water
  • Help preserve our environment.
  • Prevent skin irritation
  • Remove biological contaminants
  • Improve the taste of your drinking water.

Read our article on Process of Filtering Water

Agro Chemicals

Agriculture in the modern day is confronted with more diversified and complicated issues than ever before. Farmers all around the world are required to produce enough food for a fast-rising population while also finding more environmentally friendly ways to develop the land. At NICHEM Solutions we are driving our strength & success by offering novel, innovative Agro Chemicals products with new concepts that bring benefits to the farmers globally and for a longer duration.

We assist farmers, agriculture, and future generations in finding the correct balance for success. That’s why we put our efforts in robust research and development to support a diverse range of Agrochemical products. From year 2014, Our Agro Chemical products have become the best choice for the prosperity of farmers and the long shelf life of crops.

Benefits of Using Agro Chemicals

  • Protect your crops from insects, pests, and rodents
  • increase productivity
  • maintain the quality
  • Increase shelf-life of crops
  • Highly effective and eco-friendly
  • Costs effective- lower the prices of agricultural commodities

We are finding the right balance for Farmers, Agriculture & Future generations

Home and personal care ingredients

The home and personal care industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, with consumers increasingly seeking out products such as skincare, haircare, makeup, fragrances and disinfectants that cater to their individual needs and preferences. NICHEM offers innovative, trustworthy and customer centric technological solutions, for enhancing Home and Personal Care industry globally. We leverage our knowledge to develop innovative products that meet the latent needs of the customers worldwide while adhering to highest standard of integrity, transparency and commitment to safe and healthy environment. From 2020, our home and personal care ingredients has been functional for the enhancing the performance of the product.

Benefits of using Home and Personal care ingredients

  • Patented products
  • Improves the formulation of the final product
  • Cost effective solution
  • Non toxic technology

We are there to enhance your formulations and improve the results of product globally

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