Hair Care Additive

Hair loss is on universal problem and it can be temporary or permanent. It can be the result of breakage of hair, hereditary, hormonal changes, medical conditions or aging. 80% of people suffer from hair loss due to weakening of hair strand.

Mostly, the hair breaks from the weak links formed on the cuticle of the hair strand. If these weak links are connected with each other, the breakage is avoided to a considerable extent. TRESTLE connects the weak links by cementing action on the surface of the hair strand at a molecular level. It uniformly aligns the cuticle & strengthens the hair strand to prevent breakage.


Based on Modified Orthosilicic Acid

  • Helps to cement weak links of hair strands
  • Reduces hair breakage & fall
  • Recommended for use in hair oils, serums, wax, gel etc
  • Dosage – 1% as supplied
  • Eco friendly & Non-toxic

1. Bridges the gap of the weak links on hair by strengthening the hair strand.

2. Aligns the cuticle of hair surface

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