Perfume Retaining Additive


The science of perfume and fragrance has advanced significantly over the years—from the original isolation of ingredients from plant and animal sources, to a sophisticated science that allows for the preparation of unique new materials.

Perfumes are used in a wide variety of products to impart a pleasant odor, mask the inherent odor of some ingredients, and enhance the experience of using the product.

Ethically-sourced ingredients, eco-conscious actives and long lasting materials are important factors that contribute to a fragrance’s sustainability credentials.

NICHEM offers a unique perfume retaining additive-DWEL, which is highly porous cross linked acrylic polymer provide long lasting retention of Perfume / Fragrances in cosmetic products.


Based on Cross linked Acrylic Micro Co-polymer

  • Provides long lasting sensorial experience of perfume
  • Does not impact perfume properties
  • Recommended for use in deodorants, cosmetic products, body spray, body sticks etc
  • Dosage: 0.1% (to be premixed with perfume)
  • Non toxic

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