Anti-Corrosion Additives

Best Anti-Corrosion Inhibitors - Additives to Protect your Metalic Components

When moisture on a metal’s surface turns into an electrolyte, corrosion begins. An electrical circuit is complete when an electrolyte forms, allowing electrons to move from high-energy regions to low-energy regions. To prevent the surface from corrosion the VCI’s additives are used.


VCIs are used as additives to packaging materials, including paper and plastic. The presence of these chemicals protects the packaged items from corrosion. The packaging is common for automotive, steel, metal, and military packaging.


Since its establishment, NICHEM Solutions has operated under the guiding idea of offering high-quality goods that are the result of extensive research, development, and manufacturing.

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Additive for Polymers is one of the best solutions our experts have developed along with other top-notch solutions, products, and methods for preservation and corrosion protection.

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Technology

Corrosion inhibitors prevent corrosion by creating a barrier of protection on the metal surface, which thwarts the corrosion reaction. The formation of a molecular layer by corrosion inhibitors on the metal surface stops oxygen and water from interacting with the metal and causing corrosion. Contact-phase corrosion is protected by vapor inhibitors. These vapor inhibitor additives are used in films and paper used for packing metal components used in defense, infrastructure, automobile, railways, aviation, industrial components, etc.

How VCI Technology is Implemented at NICHEM

A class of corrosion-inhibiting substances known as vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCI) contains all of the constituents with enough energy (vapor pressure) to release the compound’s molecules into the air and thwart the corrosive action of electrolytes. According to electron scanning equipment, VPI molecules condense in a tiny layer on all surfaces they can access in the VPI-rich atmosphere.

VCIs would be injected into the packaging material. When the film or paper is used, it emits molecules that settle on the metal surface to create a barrier that protects against corrosive agents.

NICHEM’s Anti-Corrosion Additives are the Safer Choice

1) Products are customized for each application

2) Products that respect the environment

3) Little to no impact on systems and procedures

4) Wide range of metal type compatibility

5) High compatibility with non-metallic and elastomers

Our Anti-corrosion additives (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Additive for Polymers) are available in different forms.

A liquid base, eco-friendly, non-toxic and human-safe additive, used to prevent corrosion of mild steel (MS) components.

Additive in a form of a moist powder is added to the packaging films during manufacturing in recommended doses to protect Mild Steel (MS) components from corrosion.
Additive in a form of a liquid is a multi-metal protector used to prevent corrosion of Mild Steel (MS), brass and copper components.

Switch to Safer Additives Today

You can endanger both yourself and others if you continue to use VCI packaging that is based on secondary amines or heavy metals.

You might start using NICHEM solutions, a safer option, to get the best anti-corrosion additives for your packaging right away. Get in contact with our professionals if you’re prepared to remove hazardous chemicals and create a safer environment. They can assist you in selecting the best option to safeguard both your goods and your people.

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