Anti-Fog Additives

Plastic Films Anti-Fog Additive

The anti-fog additives for plastic from NICHEM enable water to spread across the surface of films to produce a continuous, uniform layer of clear water. As a result, light transmission and transparency are enhanced, which is advantageous for applications in food and agricultural packaging.

What Causes the Plastic Film to Fog?

The production of tiny water droplets on the surface of transparent film is referred to as fog. When there is a temperature difference between the interior and outside of an enclosed atmosphere, fogging most frequently happens.

How NICHEM's Plastic Film Anti-fog Additives are Helpful?

Due to the reduced surface tension caused by our anti-fogging additives, the surface develops a thin, continuous layer of water. Our bio-based sustainable additives come in a variety of physical forms, are suited for use in a wide range of polymer types and applications, and are 100 percent biodegradable. With a long history of producing surfactants, we have the knowledge you need to create the ideal solution for your application.

  • Stops fogging on film surfaces at both low and high temperatures
  • Maintains visibility of packaged food
  • Effective at low concentrations
  • Suitable for most plastics
  • Ecofriendly, Human-safe, and non-toxic

Why Anti-Fog Additives are Good for Food Packaging

Anti-fogging chemicals help food packaging retain its clarity and transparency, allowing customers to clearly view the contents at the point of sale. Condensed water droplets are dispersed into a thin, transparent layer rather than droplets when anti-fogging chemicals are added to food packaging materials. Generally speaking, short-term anti-fogging efficacy that lasts the entire lifetime of the packaged product is all that is needed for food packaging.

Why choose NICHEM Plastic Film Anti-Fog Additives for your food packaging films

NICHEM anti-fog additives provide an anti-fogging effect in packaging for all kind of food and agricultural products. They provide the following advantages:

  • Reduced condensation appearance
  • Packaged goods are more appealing and visible to customers

Why choose NICHEM Plastic Film Anti-Fog Additives for your agricultural films

The varying temperatures in the situations in which agricultural films are employed, such as greenhouse and mulch films, make them susceptible to fogging. Consequently, NICHEM anti-fog compounds provide an excellent option, offering long-term advantages including:

  • Increased plant growth rates and crop yields as a result of the film’s improved ability to transmit light to plants.
  • Less water dropping, which can prevent vegetables from spoiling.
  • Lessening of the sun’s potentially damaging lensing effect on crops.

NICHEM’s Special Plastic Film Anti-Fog Additive for Plastics

Anti-Fog Additive for plastics based on mixture of inorganic metal salts
Prevents fogging on film surfaces at low and high temperatures
Maintains visibility of packed food
Effective at low concentrations
Compatible with most polymers
Non-toxic, human safe, RoHS compliant

Clear 005 – is a blend of inorganic metal salts-based anti-fog additive for plastics. It stops film surfaces from fogging up in both low and high temperatures. It aids in keeping the appearance of food packaging intact. It works well even at little concentrations. It is non-toxic and works with the majority of polymers.

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