Arsenic Adsorber

• Arsenic is a poisonous element found in nature as As-3 or As-5 ion.
• Many of the bore-wells/hand pump wells etc. have been found to contain objectionable levels of arsenic.
• Arsenic poisoning affects skin and nerves. The skin may become dry and hard, peripheral nerves may cause muscle weakness. Continuous dose of arsenic through drinking water may lead to cancer, liver disorders and finally kidney failure causing death.
• So far, no viable technology has been available to reduce the arsenic content to acceptable levels of 0.02 ppm or lower.
• Arsenic adsorber offers ‘Selective Ion Adsorption Technology’ to selectively adsorb arsenic, both Ar-3  and Ar-5 ions from drinking water.

Features –
• Based on “Unique Surface-modified Adsorption Technology”.
• Removes both Ar-3 and Ar-5 ions from drinking water.
• Convenient to use in a column-packed system.
• 1 kg of the media removes 0.375 gms of arsenic from drinking water..
• Ecologically safe

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