Anti-Rodent Additives

Anti Rodent Additive for Plastics

NICHEM’s special product NO ENTRY for Rodents (Anti-Rodent Masterbatch) is the best addition for shielding plastics from rat damage. It combines strong aversive to prevent animals from gnawing on composite materials like foam insulation, plastic pipes, optical fibers and electric wires. NO ENTRY is the best anti rodent additive solution for your product.

Great concepts were practiced by experts at NICHEM Solutions, who also produced cutting-edge products for insertion into polymers. By using a fear response, we create solutions that deter rodents from ever trying to get close to the impregnated polymers.

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NICHEM’s Anti rodent Additives Main Features

1) NO ENTRY is compatible with polyolefins, PVC, EVA, PS, ABS.

2) NO ENTRY consistently blends with the base polymer at normal processing temperatures.

3) Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-dangerous.

How NICHEM’s Anti Rodent Additives Works

Animals chew on plastic materials because they taste nice, smell good, and look well. This attraction is altered by NO ENTRY in the following three ways:


1) The moment animal will chew on the base of plastics with NO ENTRY absorbed in it, they will experience an extremely foul odor.

2) Animals change their behavior in response to the bad smell, resulting in not gnawing or chewing on these products in the future.

3) The animal’s mucosa is severely distressed by this unpleasant taste and extreme pungency.

4) Other animals in the area are informed too of the specific phobia and unpleasant reaction.

NICHEM’s Anti rodent Masterbatches - NO ENTRY Family

With these excellent and cost-effective anti-rodents repellant masterbatches, shield wire, cable, and tubing from rat and termite damage.

NO ENTRY 002 combines potent deterrents that successfully guard against rat, termite, and other insect damage to composite structures. It provides the broadest scope of security. Widely utilized in a variety of products, including plastic pipes, foam insulation, electric wires and fiber optic cables, plastic bags, and many others.

NO ENTRY 003 for insects serves as a barrier to stop insects from harming polymer-based items and the surrounding environment. Particularly powerful against cockroaches, Thrips, bugs and ants. Although the active components of this repellent are safe for mammals, they only disturb insects’ neurological systems.

NO ENTRY 013 is used in polymers to prevent attack of rats, squirrels and termites. It is made up of strong bitter substances put on a porous foundation. Rodents and vermin are deterred from the finished product by an unpleasant odor, taste and irritation.

No Entry 015 is used in polymers to prevent attack of rodents, squirrels and termites. It consists of a mixture of pleasant odor emitting chemicals along with unacceptable taste based organoleptic compounds loaded on micro porous base. It is based on the concept of controlled release of actives which lasts for a longer duration and offers protection.

To protect your product against rat, squirrel, and termite infestation, you can utilize NO ENTRY 017. It has almost similar advantages as of NO ENTRY 013. It provides a nearly perpetual defense against rodents. The only difference is the percentage of additives in the masterbatch.

We are extremely cautious when it comes to Environment protection

The idea of causing no harm to people, plants, animals, or the environment, serves as the foundation for NICHEM Solutions. Our strategy is to avoid endangering animals and polluting the environment with dangerous chemicals. NO ENTRY achieves these objectives. Animals are not harmed by it. Additionally, NO ENTRY is impermanently bound in the polymer to prevent environmental toxicity.

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