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Rising awareness of the environmental impact and the need for more productivity are creating new possibilities in the world of plastics. Our plastic additives division creates innovative solutions for cables & wires, packaging and water tanks among other wide range of industrial applications and consumer products.

With a team of experts who believe in providing innovative solutions, NICHEM Solutions stand as one of the Best Plastic Additives manufacturer in India. Our premium quality and long-lasting additive masterbatches have ensured a wide client base globally. 

NICHEM Solutions receives Modern Plastic Awards 2022-23 for Best Additive Manufacturers

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What do Additives Add to Plastics?

Plastics are made more dependable, weatherproof, lightweight, and versatile by additives. Plastics are everywhere, and plastic additives make them stronger and more resilient.

Make Plastics Easier to Process

Plastic fabrication is similar to solving puzzles with molecules. The goal is to rearrange them into new shapes without causing them to change color, adhere to the mold, or do anything else that might damage the final product. With all these issues, plastic additives are helpful. In reality, it is essentially difficult to process plastics without additives.

Additives Make plastics acceptable

What feature of objects made of plastic draws your attention? Sometimes its structure or its uses and it’s color composition too. There are two main techniques used to color plastics. After molding, the surface can be painted or additives can be added before or during molding. The variety of additives available today gives innovators and creators an advantage of giving a plastic acceptable formation.

Additives Save Money

There is a wide variety of additives available to help reduce costs. Even though these plastic additives are only used in very small amounts, they are still crucial and significantly improve the final performance of the finished product.

Make Plastics Safe and Sound

Good plastics design involves the skillful blending of the material’s inherent safety features, such as its invincible materials, with uniquely designed product features. By using additives, even higher safety margins can be included.

Additives Make Plastics Clean and Healthy

Along with improvements in medical technology, plastics have evolved into an essential tool for raising hygiene standards to the high level we now enjoy. Plastics help us stay healthy and active for the duration of our lives and prevent disease. Plastic Additives Masterbatches have made it possible to live a simpler, affordable and convenient lifestyle.

Make Plastics Work Longer

Many organic materials deteriorate with time. In the plastics industry, steps are being taken to shield products from aging. The invisible protection provided by additives can produce materials that lead to new products for even more demanding situations while extending the life and usefulness of plastics.

The advantage of using plastic additives that extend their useful lives for many years before or during the molding process is available to objects made of plastic.

Additives Respect the Environment

We all have a tendency to believe that plastics use energy, but they actually support energy conservation. The plastics in automobiles help save fuel. Designers have been inspired to produce fuel-saving, wind-cheating aerodynamic shapes using plastics. This would not be possible without plastic additives, which give plastics their strength and durability.

NICHEM Plastic Additives that Help make Plastic Sustainable

There are numerous additives to enhance the processing, effectiveness, and quantity of recycled plastics in response to the rising demand for circular plastics. As we advance the circular economy for plastics, this market will continue to evolve and get better.

With these 6 creative additives solutions, we improve materials and make processing simpler.

Ensure that plastic materials don’t deteriorate if a portion of them could be attacked by microbes.

Used to stop the corrosion of components made of brass, copper, and mild steel (MS). It is added to the packaging films during manufacturing in the prescribed amounts.

Antifog additives are organic substances that lower water’s surface tension, preventing the formation of droplets on plastic surfaces, and are added when processing plastics.
Prevent the fruits and food products from ripening too quickly

A nontoxic and nonhazardous additive, used to protect plastic products from the attack of rodents, squirrels and termites. When rodents chew on materials, it tends to cause an unpleasant reaction in them.

Act as catalysts to hasten the environmental degradation of these plastics. The best solution for addressing wildlife damage along with littering on land and in water bodies.

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