Ortho-Silicic Acid (OSA)- Based plant stress manager and immunity booster

Benefits –
• Delivers 99.99% bio-available soluble silica to crops
• Activates plant pathways to stimulate growth and erectness
• Imparts Self Acquired Resistance (SAR) against fungi and bacteria
• Improves drought resistance by reducing water requirement up to 40%
• Improves uptake of minerals especially Phosphorus
• Mitigates toxicity of Mn, Cu, Co, Fe, Al, Ca
• Enhances quality and quantity of produce up to 25%

Dosage –
Foliar spray – 1 ml per liter of water

Precaution –
We recommend doing a jar/bottle test for compatibility. Do not mix CropSIL directly with low acidic inputs. Do not keep in open container and keep out of direct sunlight.

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