Iodinated Resin

• The contact disinfectants for purification of water essentially rely on the controlled release of a disinfectant such as iodine or silver.
• These chemicals are loaded on various media that are characterized either by high surface area or by high functionality.
• The iodine-based products in the market are based on strong base anion exchange resins.
• IOD-Resin acts as a shut off contact disinfectant, is a good solution to purify drinking water

Features –
• De-activates 99.99% pathogenic bacteria and other microorganisms from the contaminated water.
• Iodine surface of the iodinated resin particle continues to dissolve till the last traces have gone in solution.
• Full control on the amount of iodine loading, iodine and iodide release. It is possible to offer products from as high as 8 ppm iodine with zero iodide or completely disinfected water with no residual iodine AND iodide.
• Requires only 25 ml to treat 3000-3500 litres of drinking water.
• Convenient to use in a column-packed system.
• Ecologically safe.

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