Iron Adsorber

• The iron content of the water can be as high as 15mg/litre as ferrous carbonate.
• This is several times higher than the acceptable concentration of 0.2 to 0.3 mg/litre in potable water. Excess iron in water  isundesirable for human consumption.
• Excess Iron in drinking water causes-Metallic taste of water
• Stains on clothes, utensils, walls and toilets – wherever there is constant contact of water. The stains are dark yellow to reddish yellow, stubborn to detergent cleaning. Only acid cleaning can remove the stains. Articles which are not acid resistant cannot survive this treatment.
• Regular consumption causes constipation or indigestion.
• Iron adsorber offers ‘Selective Ion Adsorption Technology’ to facilitate iron removal (both ferrous and ferric forms) from drinking water.

Features –
• Based on “Selective Ion Adsorption Technology” to remove iron from water.
• Removes both Fe+2 and Fe+3 from treated water.
• No electricity, No moving parts, No chemicals added.
• 75 ml of the media treats 3000 litres of water.
• Convenient to use in a column-packed system.
• Ecologically safe.

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