Iron Catalyst

• The iron content of the water can be as high as 15mg/litre as ferrous carbonate.
• This is several times higher than the acceptable concentration of 0.2 to 0.3 mg/litre in potable water. Excess iron in water is undesirable for human consumption.
• Also, ferrous iron is soluble in water at any pH.
• At a pH less of about 3.5 ferric iron is soluble. But, if the pH is higher than 3.5, the ferric iron will become insoluble and precipitate (form a solid) as an orange/yellow compound.
• NICHEM offers an ‘Advanced Catalytic Technology-ACT – IRON CATALYST to facilitate iron removal (both ferrous and ferric forms) from drinking water.

Features –
• Based on ‘Advanced Catalytic Technology’ to remove iron from water.
• Removes both Fe+2 and Fe+3 from treated water.
• No electricity, No moving parts, No chemicals added.
• Long life (at least two years).
• Convenient to use in a 3-stage column-pack system.
• Ecologically safe.

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