Description –

No Entry 015 is used in polymers to prevent attack of rodents, squirrels and termites. It is a re-dispersible powder which is to be added as a masterbatch into the polymer compounds during the processing stage. It consists of a mixture of pleasant odor emitting chemicals along with unacceptable taste based organoleptic compounds loaded on micro porous base. It is based on the concept of controlled release of actives which lasts for a longer duration and offers protection. The unacceptable taste and irritation of mucus membranes keep the rodents and pests away from the end product. This behaviour is passed on to the progeny. It prevents resistance build up and offers almost permanent protection.

Features –
• Effectively dissuades rodents, squirrels, termites from attacking polymers like cables, wires, pipes etc.
• Controlled release of actives to offer 5 to 7 years of protection
• Does not affect cables’ electrical property
• Easy to process, easy dispersion in polymer matrix
• Can be analysed quantitatively and qualitatively in masterbatch and end compound
• Free of carcinogenic lead /copper naphthenate
• Non-toxic, eco-friendly, free of heavy metals
• Compatible with most of the polymers


Addition as a Masterbatch- 15%

LDR of Masterbatch- 2-3 %

Testing and Certification –

Choice-No Choice Test At CAZRI, Jodhpur

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