No Entry XL (Solvent base)

  • No Entry XL works by creating a thin coating on the surface of the wire, which hardens it. This prevents the rat from chewing the wire.
  • No Entry XL only repels rats by discouraging them from chewing on the wires in your car. It does not kill them.
  • No Entry XL is an aerosol spray that makes it Easy to Use. No Entry XL rat repellent spray has no smell and taste; it can even be used in your home or office.
  • No Entry XL is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and easy to use.
  • Disposable mask and hand gloves are included in the box.


As a vehicle owner, you might know that rats are a big menace. Most of the Rat Repellents available today are either difficult to apply or ineffective.


Introducing No Entry XL: The Rat Repellent Spray for Cars (Aerosol). No Entry XL creates a thin coating layer on the wire’s surface, preventing rats from chewing or damaging cables. Once sprayed, No Entry XL prevents rats for up to 3 months from attacking the Engine.


How to use:

  1. For best results, wash the Engine with water before the first time use of No Entry XL
  2. Let the Engine dry
  3. Spray No Entry XL evenly on the entire Engine

Repeat spray after three months. In case your car has any cables running underneath, use the spray over those cables as well. For best results, empty the whole can in one spray. If the Engine is washed for any reason, spray No Entry XL once more.

Recommended Application:
Use mask and hand gloves while spraying No Entry XL. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap after use.

Other Product Information:

    • Made in India – No Entry XL is made in India by NICHEM.
    • The formulation has been developed through original research by an eminent former professor of ICT (formerly known as UDCT)
    • No Entry XL is tested at ICT for its efficacy.
    • Non-toxic – No Entry XL is 100% non-toxic
    • Eco-friendly – No Entry XL does not contain any harmful, toxic chemicals. No Entry XL does not harm the environment.

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