Rust Buster


  • Anti-rust coating spray helps remove rusted layers from sockets and joints which get stuck due to rust. It frees up the rusted machine parts, which allows the machine to operate smoothly.
  • Rust buster anti-rust spray works by decreasing and slowly removing the layers created due to rusting on the metal parts of cars and bikes. It provides rust protection by creating a thin coating on the surface of metal parts.
  • It helps to stop the squeaking noise by creating a thin lubricating layer and drives out moisture. Make sure to cover your car’s underbody.
  • It has a leak-free, easy-to-spray nozzle and helps you reach every corner.
  • Reliable performance and prevents further rusting.
  • Eco-friendly and Non-toxic.

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How to use:

  1. For best results, spray the rusted surface evenly with Rust Buster
  2. Use mask and hand gloves while spraying Rust Buster.  Wash your hands thoroughly with soap after use.

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